Human Trafficking Education

Youth Emporium produces community events around the country that promotes human trafficking education for school aged children. Schedule an event in your community and become an advocate for change.  We like to work alongside faith based leadership, schools, public health departments and community based organizations.  With your assistance we are able to reach a larger audience and those most affected by predators.  Lets work together to make a change.

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Volunteer Corps

We can't provide services alone and we often seek the help of our volunteer corps.  Throughout the year we sponsor events or host community celebrations for our youth.  Volunteers can receive a wealth of experience by participating in our programs.  Whether you are performing community service, or just interested in helping, we need you.  If you'd like to become part of our team submit a Contact Us form, we'd love to have an extra pair of hands!

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Make a Donation

We need your help in order to maintain services.  If you can make a donation to our organization it will help us to continue to provide free admission to our community events.  We look for ways to promote our young people and encourage their creativity.  Your contributions can assist them in pursuing their dreams of going to college or venturing out to develop innovative ideas.  When you donate, you inspire, motivate, encourage and in some instances, protect our young people. Thank you in advance for your generosity no matter what the amount.

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Youth Emporium, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Metro Atlanta, GA with interests in responding to local and global human rights challenges of youth and families, gender bias issues and literacy deficiencies.  It seeks to develop strategic alliances with other human rights organizations and agencies that are passionate about supporting vulnerable populations around the world.

Youth Emporium is comprised of a Board of Directors, volunteer corps and professional consultants with diverse expertise from the military, private and public sectors, with domestic and international experience.  The expertise of the consultant team, allows Youth Emporium to respond to a myriad of civil society challenges.


Brenda Hillman addressing HT Forum

Make A Donation

Make a donation today and help us to continue our work in human trafficking education, youth development and juvenile advocacy programming.